Network And Security Systems

Network And Security Solutions

At 3D Pan Solutions we strive to provide excellent client service by always finding the most effective and efficient way to resolve our client's issues, managing this business to the highest ethical standards, providing great reliable service at an affordable price, trying to exceed our client's expectations, and constantly try to improve our way of doing business.

Networking Solutions

We have the experience from project planning to applying the services and resources needed for successful project design, implementation, deployment, and maintenance.
• Network Planning and Design
• Network Cabling
• Routers and Switches
• Network Application Server Configuration
• Workstation Setup and Configuration
• Network Security
• Network cable wiring
• Firewall, Hotspots and UTM's setup and configuration
• Installation and setup of open racks and servers

Security Solutions

Physical security measures aim to either prevent a direct assault on premises or reduce the potential damage and injuries that can be inflicted should an incident occur. For most organizations the recommended response will involve a sensible mix of general good housekeeping alongside appropriate investments in Surveillance Networks, intruder alarms, perimeter security and lighting that deter as well as detect – measures that will also protect against other criminal acts such as theft and vandalism and address general health and safety concerns.

Surveillance Solutions

A large proportion of a physical security solution continues to be the surveillance solution. The edge devices in the form of Analogue or IP CTV cameras are image capturing devices that form the back-bone of surveillance systems.

3D Pan offers a widest range of analog CCTVs, IP CCTV, NVR, DVR, and other products to suit your requirement. Once the system is in place the stream of signal produced by cameras is processed using Video Analytics software that runs on high performance servers located at the Central Command & Control Center. This facilitates automatic real-time detection of threats, raising alarms and activating designated response mechanisms to neutralize threats.


Advanced Perimeter Security Solutions

These are expert solutions that are designed to detect intrusions at boundaries and perimeters of installations that need to be secured.

This solution utilizes a specialized array of active or passive infrared sensors & motion sensors to detect intrusion accurately. The electrical fencing systems can be clubbed with this to offer higher level of security by making it more difficult for the intruder from entering the premises. Installation of day-night cameras along the perimeter can add further value by enabling visual monitoring of activities around the perimeter.


Explosives, Narcotics or Drug Detector

3D Pan is a rapid, portable detection system of narcotics, homemade and high explosives and gunshot residue. The multifaceted optical detection system allows users to test pills, powders, residue, liquids, suspicious drugs and other substances found on hands, vehicles, packages and surfaces. Perfect for trace or bulk detection. 3D Pan puts field testing in the palm of your hand with no interpretation, no color charts, no spraying and no chemical exposure.

3D Pan handheld detection system provides law enforcement, military, government, border control, forensics experts, and commercial and private security companies with a simple, easy cost effective and automated way to detect narcotics, gunshot residue and explosives in a single step.

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